What Are We Doing?

At Pillr, we have built a web programming machine called Higgs. Higgs possesses real-time data intelligence and reasoning allowing it to produce, supply and consume Web-based API’s. Higgs sits on a cloud-based, multi-user, continuous data store platform so users do not have to worry about data storage, infrastructure, API Service creation or User Access Management.

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Why We Are Doing It?

1. A Semantic Data platform where any web user can build a public or private real-time Linked Data API without database software or hosting a line of code.

2. Modernized end-to-end data solution for the cloud where users get master control of their data.

3. To ensure all data is interlinked, machine-readable, identifiable and always has context.

4. A Content Management System which utilizes the Web of Data or the Web of Tomorrow.

About Linked Data:


Things we care about

We define our company's value by the values it creates for others. Pillr provides solutions which are designed to create a progressive transformation toward a more prosperous future.

Our fundamentals for achieving the highest value are:

  • Empowering networks.
  • Owning your data.
  • Building Forests, not zoos.
  • Development not limited to the technical specialist.
  • Time is the most valuable resource.

Pillr's products and services target organizations and users looking for modernized solutions to support Knowledge Management, Information Management, API development and Client integration.

“Supply chain management has always and will always be a balance of centralizing a segmented process to continuously deliver products to customers. With the Higgs platform we are able to easily connect, manage and control our logistical data to help us implement strategic buying patterns for inventory control that is cohesive with our sales cycles. During a growth period where we saw our business grow by +500%, we found the data insights that Pillr’s technology gave us to be instrumental in forming our scaling strategy moving forward. The ability to have a dynamic API connection throughout our data management system was a game changer for our business! “

Nathan James

We intend to continue to offer products and services which can replace existing systems with compatible Linked data API solutions which feature: knowledge representation, hypermedia-first and platform-independent data objects capable of a single standard interchange with all other systems.


Founding Team

Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer

image of Jason Reinert

Co-Founder and Investor

image of Ryan Weinstein

Angel Investor and Mentor

image of Jack Weinstein

Chief Operating Officer

image of Cody Spicer

Founding R&D lead and Full stack developer

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